In 2011 when the Douglas County Pilot Ship Program was tied up in courts, a local Christian school lost approximately 50% of their students. A parent of a student, Michael Brumbaugh, approached the school Administrator and told her that the school needs to come up with a scholarship program that would help families who could not afford a private Christian education; that’s when his promoting career started. This small conversation led to Mr. Brumbaugh heading up this local Christian schools scholarship fund. He developed the idea of promoting one big fundraiser a year instead of selling items doorstep-to-doorstep. Granted he had no experience in promoting events, but with a marketing background and his drive and heart for the school, he has been successful since! In 2012, he promoted his first event with Comedian Tim Hawkins. With over 900 tickets sold, it was the first ever sell-out event for a local Church. His marketing driven mindset and his drive for success, he raised over $15,000 off of one event and other marketing aspects for the school. In 2013, he successfully brought in the stars from A&E’s Duck Dynasty. Over 2,000 people attended this event and he was able to raise over $60,000 off a single event. Since then, Michael has promoted several events with several artists. He has raised over $160,000 in profit for different schools in Castle Rock, Colorado. Through this time, he has used many ticket companies and customers have always complained about the “convenience” fees and decided to make a company that offers more….for less. Welcome to Shining Light Events!