Are you looking to host a movie night?  This could be for a community event, customer appreciation, neighborhood party or even a birthday party!  Let Shining Light Events bring this event to you!

We will show up with a 12ft wide inflatable screen, an HD 3300 lumens projector and a 400 watt speaker to help your event shine!

Here are our two packages:

  • Birthday party: This event must be held in your backyard.  We will even provide the movie of your choice!
  • Community events such as neighborhood party, customer appreciation, Christian organization events, and all other events. This will include securing all licenses and providing the movie of your choice.  The price for this package also includes 100% free marketing for your event.  Please see our marketing packages to understand what you will receive in addition to the movie night.

****Travel Fees May Apply*****

Please select the date you would like your event and complete the form below.

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Terms and Conditions:


If the event needs to be canceled due to weather, you will be offered a refund or afforded the ability to reschedule your event.

Movie guidelines:

We will only agree to show age appropriate movies for the age group that will be present.  Example, for children under the age of 13, we will only agree to show movies rated no greater than PG.  At no time will we show an anything greater than a PG13 movie for any age group.

Shining Light Events is not responsible for any content at anytime that may or may not be said or seen during a movie.


There will be a $1.00 per mile charge for any location greater than 10 miles from our office.  This charge will be in addition to the regular priced package that you choose and a separate invoice will be emailed.  All fees must be paid prior to any movie being shown.

By hiring Shining Light Events, you agree to all the above terms and conditions.

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