Shining Light Events

In today’s time and age, people can often forget the importance of community. Our community consists of the people who live with us, many who share our common interests but might never engage with the town. But there is a better way to involve the people of the community with the place they live in, through town held events. But how will people know about these events? Well through a community calendar of course, and advertising on one of the most widely used outlets:

social media. One name comes to mind, a business that focuses on reaching members and connecting members of a community together through various means… Welcome to Shining Light Events!

Shining Light Events is a community calendar that not only organizes
community events so that they are accessible all from one place, but it is a station for bringing the community together. But wait, there’s more. Shining Light Events also provides whatever you’ll need to make your event stand out, including DJ services, photo booths, and ticketing. The one-stop site is all you need to go from bland to exciting! By advertising all sorts of local events, SLE reaches out to all different kinds of people with different hobbies, backgrounds, interests and more.
Therefore, the community is brought closer together, raising awareness of fun ways to get out with your family to have some fun. Shining Light Events believes that the client customer experience is one if not the most important part of the business success and therefore they have made it their top priority. Need more reasons why this is a great company? Low prices. Services are offered with reasonable and ethical pricing.

Let us deal with the hard work so your wallet won’t have to. With a driven and passionate CEO, customer service is a top priority for SLE. Mr. Brumbaugh is eager to help his community in a variety of different ways and proves this through his affordable services. Earning an average of 4.8 stars on Google reviews, Shining Light Events has clearly shown their commitment to helping the community.

SLE offers three very affordable marketing packages, posting to social media networks in your area and utilizing paid posts, as well as marketing on the SLE website. If you’re looking to increase your exposure significantly, use one of these packages! By using SLE for your ticketing, you will receive social media presence, a banner on their main page, email blasts, your event on their community calendar, and a social media event calendar to post. For FREE, your event can reach up to 80,000+ hits! All service fees are added into your ticket price, so it is at no extra cost to you to get your event out there!

Not only will SLE be there for you on the moments leading up to your event, but it can also be there the day of! They provide DJ services, where you will get the best music experience out there for the guests at your event! Complete with fog machines, lights, and speakers to truly make your event SHINE.

A message from SLE’s marketing intern:

Shining Light Events truly is a one stop company. Throughout my time working on social media posts for Facebook and finding events to put on the calendar, I have seen the true impact SLE has on the community. Not only am I now more aware of events going on in my community, but I have seen how these events can bring people together. One social media post can reach a huge amount of people and can receive quite a few engagements. 10/10 would recommend!

Written By: Mayte Porragas – Castle View High School