Please carefully read the following terms and conditions relating to your participation in any events which are advertised on Shining Light Events and for any tickets sold through Shining Light Events. By registering to attend events and/or market your events, you signify your acceptance of obligation to these terms and conditions of each event which could be separate from one another. If you have objections to the following Terms and Conditions, you should not register to attend the given event or advertise through Shining Light Events.

Photo Credit:

Shining Light Events uses events from Social Media Pages and other community events calendars.  Our Community Events Calendar is just that…a place to let our community know about events.  Photos were taken from events posted as well as all content.  We do not claim credit for any photos.  If you took the photograph that is on one of our events listed, simply email us and we are more than glad to place a photo credit mention and a link to your webpage.  Thank you for your understanding.

Marketing Through Shining Light Events

Shining Light Events is not responsible for the behavior of attendees at your event in any way, shape, or form. We are not responsible for the success or lack of success of your event. We help spread the word of your event through marketing tactics, however we never guarantee a sell out or profitable gains of your event.

Confidentiality and Non-Compete

Clients hereby understands that Shining Light Events will promote our clients events to the best of our abilities. If we have a current client who is paying for advertisement services, we will do our best to not take on an additional advertising clients who is hosting an event listed in the same category of the current client (example Christian Concert within 50 miles and/or Comedy Night within 50 Miles), the same date of the current client’s event, and within 50 miles of the first client’s event. We do this so we can help our client’s event be successful while staying ethical. Our community calendar is free for the public to post to, therefore it will not fall into our non-compete policy.

Right to Refuse

Shining Light Events holds the right to refuse advertising, ticketing and DJ services for any reason without explanation.  We will only promote family friendly events.

Cancellation Policy/Refund

You may cancel promotional services at any time. It is the job of the event promotor/event manager to notify us if you cancel your event.  We will assist with notifying your attendees but it will be the event promoter/manager to refund their attendees if deemed necessary.  All refunds will depend on the event promoter/manager policy.  Shining Light Events convenience fees are 100% non-refundable.  Marketing services from Shining Light Events are also 100% non-refundable.

Event Payouts

Shining Light Events will not release any payouts to event Promoters/Managers/Venues until a W9 and/or 1099 (if over $600 payout is applicable) is received back. Please contact your Shining Light Event representative for these forms and information.  All payouts will be either by wire transfer or check.  Wire Transfer fees will apply and will depend on current bank fees at the date of transfer.  All transfer fees will be paid for by the client.


By hiring Shining Light Events, Inc. and/or selling tickets through Shining Light Events, Inc. , it is your responsibility to read and understand our terms and conditions. It is also hereby understood that service fees of to Shining Light Events per ticket sold.  This may be charged to the consumer if you choose.  If Shining Light event is acting as your ticket venue, the client understands that they may not use a second ticket venue for the same event at the same time.  If this happens, we will remove your ticketing page and all marketing will stop.

Purchasing Tickets:

1. Tickets you purchase are for personal use. You and your party must not re-sell or transfer (or seek to re-sell or transfer). A breach of this condition will entitle Shining Light Events, Inc. or the Promoter to cancel the tickets without prior notification, refund, compensation or liability.

2. In addition to the ticket price, your order may require payment of a booking fee per ticket, a transaction fees per order and/or other supplementary fees which may apply to the event. Those fees are non-refundable.

3.  Tickets will be sent to the email address that your provide once payment is confirmed.  Tickets may go to your spam folder which we suggest you check as well.  In the event you can not find your tickets, tickets are not able to be resent.  A printed guest list will be emailed to the event organizer the day of the event where they are able to confirm your ticket order.  Click on the “contact us” button if you want to confirm receipt of your order.

Charge Back

Sometimes customers forget that they purchased tickets for events through Shining Light Events, Inc or sometimes they do not recognize what the charge is on their statements.  When they contact PayPal or their credit card company to dispute the charge, it is deducted out of our account for up to 75 days or indefinitely.  In the event this happens the amount of the ticket price and any other fees Shining Light Events, Inc acquires during this process will be deducted out of the profit the client receives for ticket sales.  During the final settlement, you will see a line item deducted for such charges.  Once the client and/or the credit card company re-issues the payments, the ticket profit will be returned to the client who is selling tickets through Shining Light Events, Inc.  If the event has already closed out prior to the Charge Back reaching Shining Light Event, Inc, an invoice for that Charge Back amount will be sent to the client.

DJ Services:

  1. This contract may be cancelled by either party, giving the other not less than 28 days prior notice.
  2. If the Employer cancels the contract in less than 28 days’ notice, the Employer is required to pay full contractual fee, unless a mutual written agreement has been made by the Artiste and Employer.
  3. Deposits are non-refundable, unless cancellation notice is issued by the Artiste or by prior written agreement.
  4. This contract is not transferable to any other persons/pub/club without written permission of the Artiste.
  5. Provided the Employer pays the Artiste his full contractual fee, he may without giving any reason, prohibit the whole or any part of the Artiste performance.
  6. Whilst all safeguards are assured the Artiste cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage, out of the Artiste’s control during any performance whilst on the Employers premises.
  7. The Employer is under obligation to reprimand or if necessary remove any persons being repetitively destructive or abusive to the Artiste or their equipment.
  8. It is the Employer’s obligation to ensure that the venue is available 90 minutes prior to the event start time and 90 minutes from event completion.
  9. The venue must have adequate parking facilities and accessibility for the Artiste and his or her equipment.
  10. The Artiste reserves the right to provide an alternative performer to the employer for the event. Any substitution will be advised in writing at least 7 days before the event date and the performer is guaranteed to be able to provide at least the same level of service as the Artiste.
  11. Failing to acknowledge and confirm this contract 28 days prior to the performance date does not constitute a cancellation, however it may render the confirmation unsafe. If the employer does not acknowledge and confirm the contract within the 28 days, the Artiste is under no obligation to confirm this booking.
  12. From time to time the Artiste, or a member of their crew, may take photographs of the performance. These photographs may include individuals attending the event. If you do not wish for photographs to be taken or used publicly such as on the Artiste’s websites or other advertising media, notify the Artiste in writing.
  13. It is understood that our DJ will not show up to the event scheduled unless the payment is received in full prior to the date of the event.
  14. It is the clients responsibility to make sure our DJ will have a covered area to protect equipment from inclement weather as well as from the sun.