Veteran’s Dance

The goal for the Veterans Dance is to show the Veterans our appreciation for their service to protect this great nation. We want to also give them a night where they can have fun and have fellowship with each other, a night where they can celebrate their time of service and look on to the future.

Come on out to this amazing dance whether you’re a Veteran or just want to have an amazing night and thank a Veteran for their service…all are welcomed!

This is going to be an amazing night for a very inexpensive price!

August 24th

6:30PM TO 9:30OM (1830 TO 2130)

Philip S. Miller Library in Castle Rock

Veterans Dance was founded by two teenagers, Nicole O’Hayre and Christopher Demma. The event will be a dance to honor Veterans for the evening of August 24, 2019. As Cadets of the Civil Air Patrol, we give honor to Veterans. We wanted to make it so there is more than one day a year where Veterans get the respect and honor they deserve. From this, the inspiration of the Veterans Dance was ignited.


57 available
Admission$5.00Purchase this ticket to come have a great time!