Civil Air Patrol Open House

Open House

Douglas Cadet Squadron, Civil Air Patrol

7-9:00 pm, Oct 7, 2019

New Hope Presbyterian Church, 3737 New Hope Way, Castle Rock, CO 80109

What is Civil Air Patrol?

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is the official, All-Volunteer Auxiliary of the US Air Force.  We have three primary missions,

  • Aerospace Education both internal (for CAP members) and external (for the community, schools, etc.)
  • Emergency Services (Search and Rescue, Disaster Response, support to Law Enforcement)
  • Cadet Program where we train young people Leadership, Character Development, Physical Fitness, and training in the other missions of CAP.

Cadets can join CAP as early as their twelfth birthday!  Benefits of CAP membership include:

  • Five free powered flights and five free glider flights
  • Weekly activities that are FUN as well as instructive.
  • Promotions based on successful testing in Leadership, Aerospace Education, and Physical Fitness along with Character Development seminars, and consistent attendance at meetings.
  • Special opportunities for advance training through National Cadet Special Activities after completing our version of “basic training” at a Wing Encampment.
  • Uniforms supplied as available, and $100 voucher for uniform items needed once a cadet earns his/her first promotion, the Curry Award.

Come and Check Out The Castle Rock Civil Air Patrol Squadron!